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Alumiiniset ajosrampit ja ajosillat piirroskuva
Aluminium loading ramps -for professional use

From our wide selection you can find suitable ramps for every use. These high quality German ramps are also manyfactured based on customer needs, so different solutions are available.
Model: ABS
Aluminuim loading ramps for light weight equipment. 
Capacities: 250 - 700 kg.

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Model: AOG ja AOH
Easy and light weight ramps for small trailers and vans. N
Capacities: 260 - 2 000 kg. 

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Model: AOS
Reinforced versions of AOH ramps. 
Capacities: 290 - 2 390 kg.

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Model: AWR - van ramp 
AWR are suitable for wheels chairs and light weitght equipment with small tyres. Available with two dirrent surface.
Capacities: 320 - 440 kg

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Model: Sack truck and Event ramps
Removal firms, furniture companies or beverage carriers are the main users of this lightweight, nonslip loading ramp.
Capacities: 350 - 495 kg.

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Model: RAS-W foldable wheel chair ramps
These ramps can be permanantly installed inside the vehicle. The ramps pivoting and sliding mechanism uses maintained held. During transport the ramps are maintained vertically inside the vehicle by the safety straps supplied. 
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Model: RLK-Z and RRD for vans
RLK ramp is triple folding and is intended for installation in vehicles with an low interior height. 
RRD is rotatable and offers a wide range of applications. When the ramp is not in use it can be rotated to the inside and be fixed with a bearing block.
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Model: RRK van ramps
This aluminium ramp is designed for easy one man operation. The folding and unfolding of the ramp is made almost effortless by the use of gas struts to balance the weight of the ramp
Capacities: 340 - 775 kg.
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Model: AVS 65 - 93
Our AVS 65 and 93 ramps have been developed to allow customers to accommodate ramps in storage compartments within their trailers.
Capacities: 1 350 - 3 970 kg.

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Model: AVS 80 - 130
These ramps are ideal for loading small rubber track and peneumatic tyre vehicles. The surface profile is extruded from a high quality aluminium alloy which guarantees longevity even with constant use.
Capacities: 750 - 5 150 kg.
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Model: AVS 150 - 200
These ramps are made for loading mid range to heavy equipment. The ramps are available with or without curbs or with curbs on one side only. Folding options are also available.n. 
Capacities: 3 200 - 11 300 kg.

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Model: AVS SP
With an open surface of single rungs this ramp offers a further option to our standard AVS. 
Capacities: 750 - 6 950 kg.

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Model: VFR 105 - 120
The robust construction of our VFR aluminium ramps gives a very high weight to strength ratio. These ramps are particularly suitable for heavy vehicles and machines fitted with pneumatic tyres, solid wheels and rubber or steel tracks.
Capacities: 7 090 - 23 020 kg. 
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Model: VFR 134 - 185
These ramps have been designed for loading heavy machinery. As well as a comprehensive standard range of sizes the construction allows us to produce special sizes to your requirements.
Capacitiers: 19 060 - 58 010 kg.
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Model: AVS and VFR folding versions

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Model: AVS and VFR with spring 
In case of fitting your vehicle with AVS 150-200 or VFR 105-134, maintanace free spring system is availble. The system comes fully assembled. 

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Model: VFR for heavy trailers
For very heavy loads we offer a bespoke range of loading solutions including low loader wedges and conbine wells with capacities up to 80 tonnes. 

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Model: SKR hose and cable bridges
SKR protects hoses, cables and pips with an diameter up to Ø110 mm against wheel and tracked vehicle.
Capacity: 14 000 kg / pair

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Model: AVS curb and mini ramps
Capacities: 500 - 7300 kg. 

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Model: BSS Trench bridge 
With these aluminium bridges you can safely cross trenches etc.

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Model: WRM Maintenance ramps
Ideal for the maintenance of vehicles (inspection, cleaning etc.). These ramps are manufactured mostly as required, and can be supplied with or without safety curbs.
Capasities: 2 790 - 7 860 kg.

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Model: Aluminium gangways
Ship ramps and footbridges/ docks can be produced with our proven profile systems in various versions.

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Model: Aluminium pit covers 
Aluminium pit covers are available to help make maintenance areas safe when the pits are not in use. Manuactured in small light weight sections to suit your pit configuration, these covers are available in capacities up to 4000 kgs.

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Model: LB for tail lifts
Side ramps for tail-lifts and tail-boards. These ramps facilitate the loading/unloading operations from vehicles alongside the kerb. They bring security and quicker unloading times for carriers who have to deliver within a town centre using vehicles equiped with hydraulic tail-lifts.
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Model: RPB and RWB hinged aluminium tailgates
Hinged tailboard ramps are used between the rear deck of commercial vehicles and the loading dock, or as an access ramp when the vehicle platform is at ground level. When fitted to the rear of a commercial vehicle, they can serve as a tailboard and a load bearing access ramp.
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